Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ow about more lodestones in Ape Atoll

Well thats a nice update, how about more lodestones in:

Ape Atoll
Somewhere near barrows or abandoned mine
Moss le harmless
Deep in the desert, like sophenamen
Neitzenot and Jatizo

For wildy 1, it will be better if u have a warning mesage and needs confirmation, like ardy and edgville levers, also it will be nice if u do the same warning with lava titan teleport.

 want even more lodestones tbh. An entire map full of them possibly 10,000 of them, each covering every conceivable coordinate. I don't really want to move my mouse more than I have to (wrist problems and all dat). Doing a clue scroll? Have coordinates? Well no trouble at all man, just punch in the coordinates into the lodestone network, and VOILA, you are transported to your next clue!

In fact, coming soon, you won't even have to  buy runescape gold click the mouse even, you can just talk at your computer-and it will teleport you to your destination.

Tired of leveling or even playing the game? For a limited time only you can announce "Completion cape" into your microphone, and the game will begin the process of attaining it for you. Allow 3-6 weeks for  buying runescape account completion of this task. If you wish to have it done sooner, be on the lookout for the new Squeal of Completion (SOC), and you can finish in just half that time!

Billy Mays here, are you tired of leveling? Did your thumb just blow up from too much runecrafting? Well don't you worry, cuz for only $19.99...

-easy button

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