Monday, June 3, 2013

the Alliance was not attacking the Horde

Let us contitinue our pointless finger-pointing, because it amuses me so.

1) And yet saying "you killed hundred of us, we're just going to sit over here now" is exactly what's going to happen at the end of patch 5.4, which irritates me to no end. Addressing your point, however, the Alliance was not attacking the Horde at the moment they began cutting down trees in Ashenvale. The only Alliance settlement on Kalimdor at that time was Theramoe to buy cheap wow accounts, and I am pretty sure the orcs had not discovered it yet. Also, Night Elves started killing off the orcs only after the orcs began chopping down Ancients for wood - you know, living, talking, sentient tree protectors that night elves venerate as holy?

2) Nice try, but no cigar. Being a worgen I can tell you Genn Greymane seceded from the Lordaeron Alliance many years before the Plague happened due to not agreeing to shoulder the burden of maintaining the concentration camps immediately after the Second War. As for "there wasn't a reason" - truly, when there is a plague rampaging outside you don't want any infected in your sanctuary.

3) No, I do not mind at all. See "Ashenvale, continued deforestation of" and "Gulch, Warsong". Oh, and Silverwing Refuge is still burning, by the way. I loathe to resort to finger-pointing because it degrades the discussion to the general level of "you did it first!" "no, YOU did!", but in this particular case Horde was clearly the agressor if you check the timeline.

4) Nu-uh. Check your history. It was not demons who made orcs drink demon blood, it was Gul'dan the orc warlock who proposed the idea before the council of tribal chiefs - and they all agreed. Used as puppets? where to sell wow accounts ?All these blood drinking shenanigans may have been orchestrated by Gul'dan and his cronies, but they did it as a bid for power and influence among the orcs in the first place. Being, you know, orcs themselves.

And then yes, the Dark Portal happened. The Horde spilled out of it and put to sword, axe and torch the unsuspecting human kingdoms and scarred the land into a barren wasteland that has not healed up to this very day... ah, sorry, I forgot. Misunderstood. So it's totally fine, really. Have another genocidal campaign against the Alliance.

5) Oh, the internment camps. My second favourite topic after Taurajo. Mind you, at that point Terenas had two options: either let the surviving orcs live or herd them into a hole in the wall and fire cannons until the screaming stopped. Genn Greymane voted for the second option and (see above) seceded from the Alliance when Terenas Menethil adamantly refused to kill the demonic invaders from the other world and showed them mercy he would never see from them had it been they who won.

Were you saying this decision wasn't justified? Why yes, I certainly am inclined to agree with you on this particular point.

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