Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have leveled my d3 account to level 120

que cabrones me gasto dinero en pcs uno nuevo y dos juegos, hablo por mi y mi ex ÇÇ, y ahora lo sacáis en consola?(que ya teneiamos dos...) NO HAY DERECHO ÇÇ
One play-thru was enough for me. But I guess if grinding/looting is your thing Diablo 3 account buy ... Just don't play it for the story. Ugh. Blizzard, not the same company it used to be. Lets not fix our game and instead hand it out to even more fans so we can make more money. This is the message you are sending your once loyal fans. I am so disappointed.

 blizzard needs to stop flaunting what they can do "OMG look we can bring a bad product to a great console" and start taking care of its fan base. Do they not realize that 11 million copies of this game has been sold....yet only a small fraction of those players still play? This should speak volumes to the company. Take what I am going to say to heart: the diablo community would NOT be mad at you if you shut down this game, admit you guys royally screwed up and rebooted the game in a reasonable amount of time....heck look what square-enix is doing for FF 14...the game was a massive failure but d3 account now, they are rebooting the game [obviously we dont know how good it will be but, it just shows the commitment THAT company has]. But I guess we [well not me, I play TL2 (sucks that your own employees made a 100x better game with fewer resources, doesnt it?)] have to settle for mindless "patches" that really dont equate to much [so awesome that I get 5%MF only to play and get 0 drops] and lets not forget about the "paragon level"....right wouldnt it just be simplier to make the cap to lvl 100 and in subsequent expansions increase it to lvl120 [why are you afraid of going over 100? lol].

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