Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interesting article

Interesting article. I transferred to a PVP-realm during the lull of Cataclysm mostly because it was an RPPVP realm (the only high pop, decently balanced RP realm in my zone) and I wanted all my world of warcraft accounts options open to me, or so I thought anyway. And it was all well and good during the lull, I didn't get ganked much, sometimes players attacked me while I was just minding my own business and I defended myself successfully. I had some nice moments of meeting enemy players and interacting with them without violence - we both had the option to attack, but neither of us did, and I liked that. So I dug in on my new server, I leveled alts - lots of alts - and tried to find a guild and made myself at home. And then Mists came, and the whole server changed.

Now, I know, I done did messed up - I should have taken the lull into account, I should have done a better job of trying to predict my feelings on cheap wow gold gankers and griefers, I shouldn't have leveled alts until I was absolutely sure I was sticking with the realm. It's not a black-and-white thing, but I am definitely closer to "care bear" than "ruthless gladiator", I should have known that.

So the truth is, as it stands today, I went PVP and I would *absolutely* go back. If I could. But 7 high level alts (all with maxed out professions and rare recipes) is a lot to pay for transfer for someone on financial aid, so I'm pretty much stuck where I am and that blows. This isn't a QQ rant - much like in real life I'm a "if life gives you lemons, pour sugar on it until you can't taste the lemon anymore" type of person so I'm making it work - I'm just saying, some of us on PVP servers are there against our current will. We made our beds and have to lie in them, uncomfortable though they might be safe wow gold. So while I try not to whine in /General, I definitely understand those that do and have zero sympathy for the PVP players who whine about the whining. That is the reaction they're after, as made very evident by the article above, and until server transfers are free (ie: never) the "like it or GTFO" crowd is just going to have to accept whining as the natural fruit of their labors. The bitter, whiny, lemon-y fruit.

Wrapping up, I promise. ;) I just want to add that, on the subject of making it work, there are ways to minimize the pains of being on a PVP realm, if you like me are stuck on one. Leveling with a buddy gives you the two-against-one advantage (have taken out higher level players this way with some satisfaction and absolutely zero shame), and also lets you level faster. The sooner you're max level, the sooner you're atleast close to the top of the food chain. Slap on some PVP gear and you can usually atleast make a tactical retreat successfully ("running away" has such a negative ring to it). Also really helps to know where your safe-zones are - I've gotten a LOT of milage out my Tillers farm as a safe haven, to the point where I've made it my mission to get mailboxes there on all my toons (as all my toons have farms) so I can do my mail-shuffling in peace while staying in Halfhill. And, if you ask nicely and in a non-whiny way in /General, usually you can rally the troops to clear out an area of gankers if you really want to quest there. Otherwise, just hop into a dungeon or move somewhere else until the coast is clear.

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