Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stromgarde fell apart after the Scourge

No, Stromgarde fell apart after the Scourge had finished with Lordaeron. We throw it in the bucket with all the other ruined kingdoms because its a, you know, ruined kingdom. I'm not sure what border regulations have to do with things, since I doubt any formalization of territory means much when none of the kingdoms that made them have functioning governments.

Stormwind is the story of survivors who rebuilt -- Stromgarde is the story of survivors who uh, didn't survive. The only known surviving lore figure from Stromgarde is the guy who abandoned his people to go to buy wow accounts Outland. There's no Lothar, no Varian, no Bolvar, or anything to make the story compelling -- all Stromgarde has going for it is fanwank about Lordaeron.

And Stormwind pays a lot of service to the last of the Arathi -- they built a giant statue of him near Blackrock Mountain. Lothar is more a Stormwind figure than a Stromgarde figure, so I don't really see fast wow gold that as a compelling reason to go back there. Stromgarde isn't the survivor's story -- it's not really any kind of a human story. Lordaeron's last human hero was Arthas, and from there on out, Lordaeron wasn't a human story anymore.

I'm sorry. The Forsaken, being, you know, former humans, have all of those same ties to the place. In fact, one of the Forsaken is Stromgarde's crown prince.

The Alliance hasn't interacted with Stromgarde since WC2, whereas the Horde, through the Forsaken, have been playing an evolving Lordaeron plotline since the beginning of WoW.

It's not human anymore -- none of Lordaeron is. The faster the Alliance realizes this, the happier they'll be. It's the same way the Orcs shouldn't consider the Swamp of Sorrows to be an Orcish landmark worthy of development (even though it was where most of the First War, and major orcish events, took place). It's dead and gone.

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