Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lamp parts have gotten harder to ge

It's bad policy for a Mod to suggest people do quests for spins; you're supposed to do them for fun, or you won't appreciate them. Same thing with skills; you're supposed to get your levels on merit, which is way more satisfying and sell rs accounts.

If you go and look at pictures of it, the xp selection screen clearly has pictures of lamps on it, says lamp about 15 times and the confirmation box says 'use lamp'. Ok jagex we wont forget about the lamp. I will also buy tons of spins since that's what you want. So maybe I can get like 5 mil xp for free eh?

Lamp parts have gotten harder to get as the promo goes on. First couple days, they filled most of the common slots. Now, I see them in just one common slot.

But then, that's how you get sucked into buying runescape account pins. You get some parts, get close to finishing lamps, so you figure you have to buy rs gold and keep spinning until you finish one.

Note: when jagex starts handing out this kind of xp... the games close to burning iron.... spin after spin, no genie... i have skilled my buns off lol...

what is up with that jagex?

i have all the pieces... really, whats the odds of getting a genie, i have read that no where? can someone plz answer this one?

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