Saturday, June 15, 2013

What are you actually looking for?

What are you actually looking for? The only questionable thing about this setup, is that it has to be ok for the whole raid team to have one pretty much. Other than that it's not that different.

There wasn't exceptional skill involved in the other ones... it's been #1 be in an applicable raid team, #2 be the favorite of everyone/be more skilled than the rest of your team(though first part counts for more)/be the right class for cheap wow accounts the right time. The extra quests were more just like fun mini games tbh.

I have to ask though are you caught up? There are actual encounters to do in the latest installment.

Also, you know there's an actual weapon at the end of all this right? it's not just goofy gems and stuff.

Also... almost all of the actual time spent on previous legionaries has been ... raiding you were going to do anyways... hoping the RNG favors you...

We're preping for the next great apocalypse heading towards azeroth with the last of the black dragons... how much more epic of a story do you need? Slowly grinding thru the 'Shadows of the Empire' portion of the show, headed for my Legendary Meta… 6 of 20 so far; I just have a hard time grinding thru the LFR regular-like, and not playing at all for safe wow gold about a month or so is not helping any…!

REALLY hoping this whole thing is going somewhere, and after seeing the buff to Fangs of the Father on the PTR notes, hoping it all might lead to Wrathion giving my old daggers a fresh makeover… Come on relevant items for another tier or two

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