Friday, June 28, 2013

play d2 for months

Hope mine wasn't banned from inactivity, after maxing out two characters got pretty boring, still play d2 though, how sad is that?I loved D2 I played D3 for about five hrs an went and got my Diablo III gold ack ill try it again when I can play it off my PS3. Will no longer play blizzard games. I stopped playing Diablo 3 due to buggy gaming. I figured after a few patches I would come back and check if it had resolved my issue, only to find out my account was hacked due to Blizzard's lack of security on accounts. Tech support hasn't responded to my requests.Plenty of bots are still on Diablo 3 items for sale ... demombuddy or something is making more and more money

how can you be banned from a SINGLE PLAYER GAME?!
oh yeah.. DRM.. nm -_-* if you wouldve just let the game be a single player game, and let people that want to use cheats to make the game more interesting; this wouldnt be a problem. yes, it would be better to sell Diablo 3 account solve the problem with NETWOK DISCONNECT (The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from server or error 3006, 3007), last month there were many tired

 If you guys would change the skill tree system, and dueling back to something like Diablo 2 then maybe I would be playing, winter time only haha.PC games banning people for mods seems odd to me. To each their own, but some of the best games have a healthy community of modders that just want to make the game they love even better. The real money auction house does screw that whole idea up though.

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