Friday, March 20, 2015

FFXIV gam,es vs F2P game

FFXIV wouldn't be what it is without a subscription, and F2P games are all crap. Also, these trial versions are not to gauge the F2P player base, it is to increase . Sure go F2P, where the game will become a microtransaction hell... if it did go that way, I'd cheap FFXIV gil just stop playing. Where is the fun in just dropping £'s to get gil and gear.

Again, finish reading the entire comment before you think you have a nice rebuttal..

 In not saying it's going f2p any time soon, but anyone who thinks yoshi p is the be all end all of where the game goes is delusional.

If the game is failing SE can and will have final say on what to do with their investment.

Based on subscriber numbers it clearly doesn't look like it will go that way any time soon though.

Totally with you Chris. I just want to use this to possibly be able to play my account I have on PC on the PS4 without having to buy the game again. So, hoping this free trial allows me to be able to do this after having the game downloaded.

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