Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the "Evolution" of combat

To be 100% honest, I enjoy updates in the main game and love the content and some of the newer updates, however simply due to the "Evolution" of combat, which is in no way an evolution I can't enjoy 90% of these updates, as many are combat based and really I only ever do combat. EOC was a downgrade, and normally I would be excited for updates such as HTML5 and new content, I have only played EOC and the HTML5 beta for about 5 minutes, yet I used to play Main RS for hours, this is because I feel it's not worth my time anymore as the main content of the game (combat) has been turned into a watered down, horribly designed system that is a slightly reskinned copy of any other MMO system out there. Also, the greed infested in the SOF and SGS is obvious, and shoved in your face, the SOF has no place being in a game played by teenagers/chilren, as it IS A FORM OF GAMBLING, and is also rigged badly and obviously. Without 2K7 Subs, RS3 would have hit rock bottom fast.
 Jagex should just realize that Eoc was a mistake tons of people tell them that 90% of selling runescape accounts players tell them that 10% enjoy it why would u rather have some users rather then tons there's gonna be botters nomatter what but the way jagex is going about It takes out the joy of the game and I've been a player since 03 so take advice from the 90% not the 10% who enjoy there bots clicking 50 keys to kill something with ability bars

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