Monday, April 8, 2013

Runescaep accounts problem

If you have played runescape for several years, you may want to know something about runescape hack blocked.

Here I want to tell you something about Jagex Account Guardian.

Q: Does Jagex allow players to apply multi runescape accounts?
A: Yes, you can buy several runescape accounts but make sure only one account logged in at a certain time.

Q: Is it allowed that I apply other accounts to my Jagex Account Guardian?
So far, JAG allows only runescape accounts.

QHow many devices could be added to Jagex account guardian?
As long as you like, you can add devices to your personal laptop or computer and you can make them as permanent service.

Q: Do I need to have a registered email address to use Jagex Account Guardian?
Yes. JAG needs to verify that you are the account owner and you will get an email from Jagex to the registered email account.

Registering an email is a very simple process, just follow these steps: At the bottom of the RuneScape homepage click the Profile & Settings link under the heading ‘Account’.
After logging in, navigate to the ‘Email Communication and Settings’ section and follow the instructions.

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