Tuesday, April 9, 2013

runescape would get rid of its quests

If they wanted to copy world of warcraft, runescape would get rid of its quests, and make slayertasks be the new quests, Get rid of runes and replace magic with a mana bar, Limit you to only 3 skills that you can do and get rid of some of the skills. You wouldn't be able to buy cheap runescape accounts mage and melee since you'd have to be restricted to a class that you choose at the start of the game when you create your character. Increase their subscription fee by about $7.... Do I need to go on?
TL;DR: Runescape is not copying world of warcraft

Again it is Runescape's FB favorite troll, still at it. Yes you Evelyn. Not complaining just listing more accurate facts about EoC than Jagex has done.... They need to sell this as best they can that is what business is all about. Those who dislike EoC just make sure you walk the walk... and not just talk the talk selling runescape accounts.

With Alonzo on that one. Rid of my bank, and cancelled subscription. I'm actually glad this will break my so called "addiction" to this game, it's been dying long before EoC.

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