Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 ppl

The concept art for Runescape is way too detailed for what the characters look like in game. I expect runescape to go full MMO mechanics like GuildWars, WoW, SWTOR and such. You can still have the old one but I just can deal with the mechanics anymore :C I've been spoiled by other mmo's..... but Runescape will always be my first MMO

jagex, make more room in castle wars. there are only like 10 ppl in game when there are up to 40 in the waiting room. I waited for 72 minutes before i was allowed to join, and that was in an open spot for no reward, on the losing team.....

 I'd like to know how you guys (being Runescape) manage to cope with having such a barbaric fan base, whom are so afraid of change and growth that they spread the hatred of it? It's just the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in gaming and selling runescape accounts. People should realize that an mmorpg is a game that is meant to grow and change. The updates that have come and gone have been great and I have high hopes for a bigger and more built game in the future. I just wish people could open there eyes and see it that way. Anyways just needed t rant about that, and pretty cool magazine cover.

You can still play RS's F2P for as long as you want to buy runescape account- there's no F2P endgame. I don't know what game you've been playing if you think there's a F2P endgame. Just because you ran out of F2P quests? There's still plenty to do to have fun as a F2P player, granted that the members game is much more fun because of how much more there is. There's approximately 1k hours of potential gameplay in the free game.

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