Sunday, April 14, 2013

HTML 5 Beta starts next week

Our HTML 5 Beta starts next week. How excited are you? I remember the level of excitement i had when i found out the Grand Exchange was going to exist. It took like two weeks to find someone with an addy pl8body for sale. Those were the days.I am looking forward to it to selling runescape accounts. All you negative people need to stop complaining about great things that have been happening. Look guys, they added 07 so that the entire community could be happy again, and so that if you don't like EoC, you can enjoy 07, and vice versa, and there would be less arguing. If you like one more than the other, don't hate on the other, just enjoy what you enjoy.

The only negative thing jagex have done is introduce S O F which can heavily influence the progress of a persons character or buy runescape account. Apart from that everything recently has been amazing and I'm very excited about HTML5 and the new interfaces, keep up the good work!! People who say RS is turning into WOW obviously haven't played WOW long enough, EOC is very good and only people unwilling to learn the new system complain about it..

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