Thursday, April 11, 2013

teaser pictur

Whats all these guys saying they just got free Runescape gold from a website? see i hate guys like that... My computer antivirus program wont even let my computer go into that website because of how crawling with bugs it is..Thanksnerds...

Whose got time for EW4 if that or MEP4 (doubt it is mep4) or could be (also doubt) it is FTP4. Horray for xp weekend, and anyone looking for a clan join Earth Divine cc, and say Tyler recruited ya Hopefully an easier way to Runecraft rather than the ZMI altar...problem is to buy runescape account...where will Jagex place it and how will it work? Perhaps it is Elemental Workshop 4..if selling runescape accounts so, I welcome it to challenge my mind > omg i hope it doesn't have anything as boring and repetitive as the puzzle part in elemental workshop III, and hopefully i gives some runecrafting xp!!!

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