Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squeal of Fortune: Warband Armour

The bandits and ne’er-do-wells of selling runescape accounts the Wilderness Warbands make for the most dangerous distraction & diversion yet.
Bandosian Warlord Outfit

Arriving on the Squeal of Fortune this weekend, this cosmetic armour is inspired by the ultra-tough leaders of the Bandos and Armadyl camps: the Bandosian Warlord and the Armadylean Archon.
Armadylean Archon Outfit

You’ll have an increased chance of bagging these warband wares from Friday 29th March 00:00 GMT until Monday 1st April 23:59 GMT. They’ll still be buy runescape account on the wheel after this, but your best chance of grabbing some warband armour is this weekend!

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!

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