Monday, May 22, 2017

worldwide version for Stormblood

Announcing the Heavensdub Contest! Put your voice-over skills to the test for a chance to win prizes!  This is what I've been waiting for! Oh my gosh. I've wanted to be a voice actor for so long and I always rewatch the cutscenes and practice Thancred and Rauban's lines! Bro! I'm excited! No Vulgarity? I guess there won't be any Team Four Star versions. The Ramuh dub from back in my day is still the funniest.  I remember that! It was hilarious.where can we find that? &FFXIV Gil ;You know, I actually recorded myself voicing Lord Drillimont... Just gonna go and voice everyone as Kermit the Frog.

 I just recently started playing Heavensward. I'll probably have to wait a couple of years for Stormdubbed. Mmmm if only I played that far , I would love to do a terrible moogle voice that sounds like gollum for comedy. Aww heck I was gonna speak up and use my aussie accent to my advantage but it requires being an NA resident . Too bad this is only for NA. How about doing a worldwide version for Stormblood, Square? Storm blood wont break thé heavens ward it will in fact strenghten it :). Sending bahamut zéro soon for cover. Looking for candidates to replace the awful VA's huh? Why never any real/physical prizes for eu!? I shall carry our hopes on silver wings and give peace the green light! Your time is noooow!Do your dolphin dub XD.  I wish I could tag the whole raid group on this comment and post. It's too perfect.Sorry to bother you, if you wanna buy cheap Gil, you can try, and FFXIV4U is a 4% off discount code for Buy FFXIV Gil.

Storm of blood
Born from blood
Of our fallen brothers

Borne upon our hands
Cradled in our arms
Swelling in our hearts

Raise your weary head
Heed the call to arms
Ringing in your heart

this may be a bad place to ask this, but here goes, ive been thinking about getting this game, as i have a better means to afford a monthly sub, i know this game is a few years old at this point, so is it worth getting into with a new expansion coming up?

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