Monday, April 10, 2017

FF 14 nice work

That would actually make Alexander bearable. yeah april fools from FF 14 nice work tho XD  where is the full version of a12s 8 bits ver !!!! So mean SE! I want this I know this is a joke, but I'd buy this in a heartbeat...  "April Fools! We don't want to make money" This genuinely made me laugh. Great job!Hatching-tide is set to return to Eorzea starting Tuesday, FFXIV Gil April 4! Please be eggcited! Yay mount. Show you took part in the 2017 Easter event by riding this exclusive mount.. that in a few months time anyone can buy for real money in the cash shop. Why not? A year's time exclusive for a free mount isn't enough? It just takes away part of the enjoyment of owning said mount.

Is not that I dont want others to have this mount but they could make it possible for others to obtain for free next year say collect enough tokens from the fates you can buy it then. I just think selling quest reward items they could re-use yearly is a cheap way of earning extra money from a game that already has a monthly sub. Items that are long gone, Cheap FFXIV Gil FFXIII event items for example thats not too bad as they cant really put that back into the game anytime soon.  I think that depends on how much you are willing to shell just for aesthetic stuff. I for one, would rather not spend a penny. Thats my point. I have no problem spending additional money on actual physical products like the artbook and sound tracks, that come with some sort of glamour, because if the servers get turned off at least I have something I can still hold.

To me it seems Square-enix are adopting a hybrid Subscription and free to play (supported by iap) model. Where to use your glamour items that you have spent money on you still have to pay a monthly sub.Yearly quest items like this should be obtainable in game every year, either by a sub quest or having to collect tokens for it. Or as I really feel... just miss out. Its only a digital item, you cant hold it, you cant keep it. And I just think its unfair to ask those who want these items but werent playing at the time to have to pay real money for it. When you look at it realistically all you're doing is putting a 1 instead of a 0 in a database.

The artwork cover for this year is interesting, still making the cat girl's as busty as ever lol. Having a floating egg of despair as a mount ain't too shabby though.. omg I am so happy I'm getting my sub back on Wednesday, just in time to get this egg mount after they made us chase that giant egg all around gridania last year XD, Sorry Square but no event you host will keep me from Persona 5 on the 4th. Samuel it's still not worth it. Persona 5 above all else, I'd pick up the egg mount first, /then/ do Persona 5. Best of both, yo.  Put the Emergency Mission in the duty finder and limit the loot to once a day. 1-72 chance once a day is still ridiculously hard, since the diadem is dead.  I'll be such a sad lala if I cant buy pa-paya roll this year :( favourite tune and I missed it last year ! Uuuu.

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