Thursday, January 12, 2017

BNS Anniversary Festival event preview stream

They should buy revelations online for's much better then their game. Please a non rng way to obtain an ap gem.. amythest please... lol.  and as a birthday present to our loyal players, we have dropped all item upgrade materials cost to zero? Countdown untill the birthday in Europe and US.  I love the game but I left it XD Too much materials to grind just for a upgrade gears.  But has the servers been fixed because i keep getting DC'D every time I walk into a new area. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Yeah this game isn't p2w it's pay if you're lazy or don't have time to grind.Man I'm glad I played China bns and I'm done with this game.  I love this game but I dont have that kind of money to stay relevant..

 outfits still not good who is the designer unbelieveable terrible ? can't believe it is ncsoft game. Do you have any day confirmed to lauch the Soul Gunner? Even Korea doesnt have it yet jesus...  If they make KFM atleast balanced in pvp like Assassin then im down... but when dough? please no more farm fest, if you want to celebrate the first year, i hope we get actually something for free.  Will silver dragon be purchasable from f10? Donny Charleboix yes i hope so . please optimization and no more lag : We're taking a sneak peek at the Anniversary Festival event tomorrow at 4 PM PST on.

ONE HOUR until our Anniversary Festival event preview stream! Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Come hang out with us on.I hope to answer that. When I enter the game on and I press update nothing happens and is not loaded anything.  This dragon looks alike the Nyu inside One Piece xD. Maintenance?? since i paid into the beta do i get anything special.   Hello GMs, may I ask what is the newest server ? thanks in advance . that would bring s lot of players back. We'll get 2 extra Hongmoon Keys, I'm sure. Did you know you also have an EU playerbase?  Hey blade&soul, after Long time off real life problems i finally can start gaming again... but when i hit the play now button, i get this pop up " a debugger has been found, please remove it from memory and try again. What i do with this? Greetz.

Guys! I need help! I'm downloading the full client but it keep getting error E02018! anybody have a solution to it ? Hello! If you want some help you should contact our support :) Thanks, Happy new year! if it goes the error 2016 is that you have to click on networks, internet connection, configuration and put a code on there in the last part.  Is there any way to change the font size in the game? I've been sitting here thinking that the gem for the event was 120 snow flakes go to buy it, pull out my magnifying glass "oh it says 150" and I'll be honest it's like that on everything, I maybe blind, but that font sucks.

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