Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FFXIV Red Mage

 He said that years ago. And he said the same thing about Red Mage, and here we are. David Kenneth Burr my friend was at the event where they made the comment about no one dressed like a samurai. He said it because he was looking right at a Samurai cosplayer. "It will not be a phoenix." YEAH RIGHT xD (Even if it's Valefor, Buy FFXIV Gil it's still close enough ^^) Time to start collecting the birds! *rubs hands* Hopefully the game goes F2P this year that would actually be excellent. Because the game isn't worth Paid sub at all. It's a milked franchise. Is that bird similar to Kirin? As in you can get it after getting all the primal birds? It's the bird you can get from the upcoming garou event.

Further more a MMO is a means to bring people from all over the world to play a game together to co-op and coordinate as a team. 14 doesn't offer that, it excludes players. How does 14 exclude anyone? Aside from servers in different parts of the world(for connectivity reasons) the only reason youd be locked from the game is an account ban. 14 requires for 8 man parties to accomplish the dungeons . But that is all it does.

11 allowed big groups to include new members to endgame to teach them and include them into the endgame grind. 14 has made the MMO grind easy for people. It's babied the community. Cheap FFXIV Gil If you do not see that then that's not my problem. I played 6 MMO but no games came as close to FF11 & EverQuest & WoW .  I never said it hasnt babied and pampered the community to an extent. However, because it has locks on party member numbers, that doesnt exclude people frpm playing. It just limits how may people can go in to one instance. This isnt 11, this is a catch up make-shift salve for the abomination that was 14 ARR/1.0.

1.0 was not an abomination hon. 1.23 had what we called SSR. Short for super speed runs. Required for the relic creations. And I'm sorry but it took insane skill to pull off. And I never said 14 should be the new 11. 14 won't live up to what 11 was. Because MMOs in today's gaming community is catered to the casual gamers. FF14 caters to casuals? hahahahahah not in my experience but ok. people hating on casuals on mmos, when 90% of the mmos player base are casuals, without casuals this games wouldnt be profiteable. silly goons.

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