Thursday, April 20, 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.57 ARR's main story

To get into the expac, you beat ARR's main story. Did you beat the main story yet? Because it doesn't sound like you've done things like Steps of Faith.   Petey, you just don't understand MMO's do you. story progression HAS to happen if the game has a story and to fill the time in between expacs......otherwise no one would play for a year till the next expac, kind of like wow lately i think....been alot of wow players on our server lately.  I accidentally did it again.. Cheap FFXIV Gil LOL nothing like playing through filler to get to story content.... it's just a way for them to get you to play longer so they can A. Rake in that sub money and B. Have you heard of this thing called money?

There is always the option of not doing it, thus being stuck where you are and unable to progress further dur to lazyness. Or quit. That's another option.  Ian Haas there's literally hours worth of cutscenes in the 2.0 storyline. Kristi Howell No one will play when they are trying to run through the main scenario of the main game and heavensward. Let me put this in perspective. I gave two of my friends a ps4 and the game to play with me. One made it to lvl 56 and they both quit playing because the story requirements are plain dumb. Same with my brother. The story has way too much filler quests. The story is basically message delivery service. I didn't mind the story, because I did it as it rolled out. I would like my friends and family to play with me, but the story seems to be the killer of new players.

Who cares if WoW players come to FF. At least the community would get a population boost for content to actually be done. Most people don't get on until each patch anyways. I have been playing since 1.0, but I am not going to act like the main story isn't an issue. I don't expect others to do it because I did. Owen Middleton I agree. It's a horrible idea. FFXIV Gil Go back to WOW if you dont want story progression pleb. Lol.. The assumption that wow doesn't have a story is funny enough in itself.. The fact that nobody can read? Priceless. People who are saying well it's a long story you should be able to skip it.No you shouldn't, you shouldn't expect to be carried.

Every game has a damn story and as the player your expected to complete it. Simple as.I didn't put the new kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 in which has 6 games and be like. Oh this story. Is just to much skip it all pls.And stop moaning about it because news flash as of right now you cannot skip past it. You do it or get the hell off the game. End of. Stop comparing a single player experience to an mmo where you pay monthly. You're being naieve. Also I still have no problem with completing the main games. The awful patch padding courier quests I do.. Jesus you write that whole thing but don't read at all.. You're all so.. Awful. Again if you don't like it this game is not for you please leave we will not miss you nor will square enix.

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