Friday, July 19, 2013

Reward ideas for runescape

Reward ideas: Aura Slot
When worn, it has a cosmetic effect, regardless of if the aura is active or not, similar to the Gaze Auras, but doing more than just your eyes. I would advise against a wings effect, as those have already been used substantially. The colours could be based on various themes – Easy gives you light blue, “frozen,” effects, Medium gives you yellow, “abandoned” effects, Hard gives you purple “occult* effects” and Elite gives red “Warped” effects The Aura can be worn inside dungeoneering.

With medium rewards, you could unlock the ability to heal prayer points by burying bones within dungeoneering – following sell runescape accounts in line with the necklaces you can buy from the rewards trader. You could further increase this by unlocking a Hard/Elite level reward, which gives the bonecrusher ability within dungeoneering. As such, you might have to buy both the necklace and the bonecrusher as a task for their associated sets.

Each level could give you an increased chance to receive dungeoneering journal drops – with the percentage increasing for each tier of the reward. Each level could also reduce your damage from failing skill doors, stacking with the Gathering ring. You could also have a small (capped at 10% for Elite) reduction of damage from all monsters within dungeoneering.

Based off of other Elite level rewards, you could claim 5000 dungeoneering tokens per day (following the precedent set by many of the sell rs accounts other task sets), and get one free reserection per day within dungeoneering (following off the Elite Karamja tasks).

Some other rewards for Hard/Elite level could include buy runescape accounts:
-Unlocking a second “create/teleport to gatestone” spell
-A second ammunition bind (would be very useful to have laws always bound)
-A new, slightly easier to get to location to kill frost dragons

Will try to think of other things/ask clanmates what they think, and may post here later.

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