Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Karajama Island

Make it unlockable content and don't just give it away!! Dumbest update EVER!

Who ever made this idea should be fired!
"Lets make content that makes many other content useless!"

Please skip this weeks update and just make it a no update week.... PLEASE! (and decide to change) This game is .... UGH at times.
Don't need to fire if they make an idea on how Runescape accounts sell to make it unlockable content.

Unlockable ideas:
Wildy - Find a clue in wildy or Kill a person or die 20-50 times. (easy to unlock)

Elves land - Charge crystal tele 20-50 times or rs accounts for sale a ticket chance while stealing from elves or chance at finding ticket at agility obstacles. (tough to unlock)

Canfis - Chance at finding from a human form werewolf (need wolfbane weapon) or unlocked with med-hard tasks or chance from ghasts or reward from minigames or chance to find in slayer tower or when using dead vympires on altar thingy. (tough to unlock)

Gnome stronghold/Eagle Peak - Chance found during agility course or reward for gnomeball or restaurant or chance when killing gnomes or chance when stealing from gnomes or hunting. (medium to unlock)

Karajama Island - Chance to unlock in brim agility course or chance from monkeys or chance while fishing or bought for 5k in general store or help smuggle wine 5 times. or offer a certain fish or fruit to buy runescape account a pirate. (easy to unlock)

Rellekka - Hard-elite tasks or use lyre 50-100 times or snow troll drop chance or new miniquest or chance when hunting in snowy area. (tough to unlcok)

Death plateau - Kill each of the 4 gwd bosses at least once or random troll drop or given after using troll herb farm spot 5-10 times. (tough to unlock)

O'olong - Reward from MA or drop from ogres or chance from hunting or given when stealing from coffins or reward from quest "As a first resort". (tough to unlock)

Find a note and give to an NPC to unlock loadstone.

Loadstones can also be given a reward for unlocking every loadstone that speeds up the tele by 2-5 sec

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