Friday, July 5, 2013

join Runescape gold membership and enjoy RS 3

Would be excited but not installing Google Chrome so Gold membership does not
rs accountts selling have advantage for me.

Too soon, i'm afraid. I have an i5 3570k and an Asus GTX 660ti. And and i can't even log in at the grand exchange.

Last time i tried to play, i ended up no clipping. And that is something i can reproduce.

Excited for this, Shall be an excellent release. Would be excited if I could actually play it.
Got an i5 and a decent graphics card and I can't get more accounts for sale runescape than 10 FPS on 1280x1024. Looks like it's quitting time for me.

Might go hop back on the beta now to see how it is running.I actually saw the reveal already, I just clicked on youtube and saw it was uploaded 2 mins ago back then  I'm really excited, the battle for lumbridge? Awesome! I hope we'll be able to make Lumbridge a peaceful place of Seren, for new players to buy runescape accounts be comfortable when starting

Not sure about HTML5, but very looking forward to the story updates, and the seasonal high scores! Though I'm not so keen on storylines which we can influence, I do prefer ones that are set in stone. The release date was the only useful thing on this post. It contained pretty much nothing that we don't already know lol.

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