Thursday, July 11, 2013

I really enjoyed the quest Bring home the bacon

"Three cheers for this passing stranger and his performing pig!"

"his performing pig!" Why did this pork pie boost my summoning level yet it wont let me make the pouches?

If you don't want to train skills, then that is your problem. Jagex do not need to make quests for people who don't train those skills because skills are content in their game and they want to utilise skills in quests to  sell runescape accounts make the storylines better, rewards better, ETC. Therefore, it is your fault that you cannot do the quest, not Jagex's.

I'm a girl, so hearing this four times really bothered me. Please patch this up! Either change the line altogether or to "their performing pig!" It's been over 10 years. Jagex knows fully well that there is a large number of rs accounts for sale skillers and other players who choose not to train certain "skills".

We pay membership too like the rest of you, therefore we can complain all we want thank you very much.

It's also not like we're asking them to make every quest combat requirement free. Obviously that isn't possible. It's just that this one seemed fun. Hi, you can change your pig pet if you right click  runescape accounts for sell the machine in the cellar after you have finished the quest =)

I really enjoyed this quest, I thought it was amusing!

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