Tuesday, July 2, 2013

add more rainbowz and unicorns to D3

add more rainbowz and unicorns, some dramatic holywood music, aliens and im gonna play again.

 really see no point of crying still...Blizz already has your money, so just get over it. You hate it, and are never gonna like it again, just continue playing diablo 2, or renew your WoW subs and move on Diablo III gold. Because it looks like blizz is never gonna listen to us, so its a waste of time. People still promote this abortion of a game?

This reminds me of that level they previewed Diablo 3 accounts the barb on with the huge number of creatures on a bridge.

Too bad only a small amount of map variations made it in the game. remember when you banned my account for no reason.. after i payed 100$ for the collectors edition and logged like 400+ hours. sell Diablo 3 account.  If the barb wasn't there... that witch doctor would have run. But now on a serious note: is this a new creature that can feature in the expansion? because I don't recall it in the actual game.

This week’s community spotlight shares the work of TeknoKyo Customs and his fully articulated Diablo action figures!

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