Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I like the new runescape

I like the new runescape, but I need alittle help here with tech support and the service is down. the problem am having is finding how to , from getting xp in Att to getting Xp in str. can not find a way to switch from getting one skill to another in Melee so basically. am getting attack xp right now. but what to get off getting attack Xp to be getting Str Xp. how do I do that ?............

Hyacinth: [on the telephone] Hello, is that the Wholesome Bakery? Now tell me, and I shall know if you're lying, are your fresh cream cakes really fresh? No need to take that attitude buy runescape accounts; this is a serious customer inquiry. My name is Bouquet, B-U-C-K-E-T. No, it's not Bucket, it's Bouquet. I wish to place a large order, a very important order. I have the new vicar calling this afternoon for tea and light refreshments, so how soon can you deliver? Yes, I know it's Saturday, and I'm very happy that you're busy. I can understand that you don't deliver just anywhere Runescape accounts for sale, but as I say I do have the new vicar coming for tea and light refreshments, and I want six fresh cream cakes. That is a large order. Hello? Hello?
[clicks the cradle several times]
Hyacinth: Hoi polloi.

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