Monday, May 20, 2013

The thing I really enjoy

The thing I really enjoy about this scenario is that there is absolutely no down time, unless you decide to pause for a moment. The action starts the moment you zone in -- your ship is under attack by the opposing faction, and it's up to you to fend off the attack. The soldiers really don't present a huge problem as far a mobs go, they're relatively easy to beat. The challenge in this particular scenario is avoiding the cannon fire from the other ships as you go along.

See that big red ring that the orc in the screenshot above is standing in? Yeah, that's the big red ring of death. It won't kill you instantly, but it'll knock a good chunk of your health off. And if you get hit by too many of those, you can kiss your life goodbye -- as the orc in the above screenshot figured out. This cannon fire will continue throughout the entirety of the scenario. If you and the rest of your party can avoid getting hit by cannon fire throughout the entire instance, you'll get the achievement Keep Those Bombs Away! from me... -- which sounds pretty easy until you're on the ship and you see exactly how to buy wow gold.

Once you've cleared out the enemy attackers, you're sent to the next ship. Oh, you don't swim, or climb a ladder, or anything remotely like that. You hop into a cannon and get shot over there -- because that's so much more ridiculously entertaining. Please keep in mind that jumping in the water is the last thing you want to buy wow gold. Remember that whale shark from Cataclysm? The one, if you were as obsessive about collecting achievements as I was, you killed for From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee? Yeah, his son is in the water and won't hesitate to swallow you whole. Just take the cannon. Trust me.

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