Thursday, May 9, 2013

Points of Interest of Falador

 Outside the city walls, to the south, the massive farms of Falador provide food for the city and for any adventurers who might wish to spend some time growing their own vegetables.

Falador is divided down the middle, providing the residential district in the eastern half and the commercial district (and the White Knights' Castle) in the west. Should you be a member of the White Knights (by completing the Wanted! quest), you can purchase armour from Sir Vyvin.

If you own a house, the Herald, who lives in the castle, cheap runescape accounts for sale now, can track down your family tree and give you a coat of arms that you can then decorate your house with. He will also paint pictures to hang upon the walls of your home.

Falador has two banks, allowing adventurers to make the most of the city's other amenities. In the city's south-east is an entrance to the Mining Guild, which can be entered at level 60 Mining, and the Artisans Workshop, which provides a variety of interesting Smithing training methods, so long as you provide your own ores.

In the north-east of the city is the Party Room, which is for hardcore partying.

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