Friday, May 24, 2013

Seems a tad random for Blizzard

This has to be the most well thought out, edited, filmed short movie I've seen made about WoW. Now, how long before Blizzard partners with a film company like Pixar and makes World of Warcraft the movie. Could be a box set for each expansion.

I have loved this video for years! I had it on my MySpace page for years as well lol. Might still be there, for all I know. This is an epic video; good to sell wow accounts or see it is still around. I think this video gets forgotten so quickly is because that wretched noise people are calling "music" ruins it so fast you forget you were watching something cool. I just turn off my sound. Very competent animation, otherwise.

Seems a tad random for Blizzard to discuss this video right now, considering it's a few years old. Having said that, it's still one of the best made machinimas ever. I was actually reminded of this video a few days ago when I was thinking about video animation. To all of you who are complaining, by the way; the music is very fitting with the video. ' it's un-warcrafty'. It's fan made, it doesn't have to be like Warcraft! You can't do any of the things in the video in game, but you only complain about the music being not representative of the actual game?! Didn't care to see where to buy wow gold? a BE wipe out my Alliance troops, and if I had been that Ally rogue, that BE would have been hunted to death. Great Animation and I'm looking forward to seeing much more. Please contact me if there's anything I can do to help for future projects. I think this would be amazing to be apart of.

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