Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blacksmith plan

I found a Blacksmith plan, taught it to my blacksmith, and now its just gone. As in I have checked his crafting lists multiple times (yes i looked at the crafting filter and it is set to ALL) and the item is not found in his list. Could this be because my Blacksmith needs to be trained more? or is it actually supposed to be in the list, and the game just screwed me?
This may sound like a silly question but, before I spend a lot of money buying a plan for legendary plans, when you use all the allowed number must you re-buy the plan in order to have the blacksmith craft more of those items? For instance, I bought the plan for arrows it allowed me to use it twice. sell diablo 3 account and  It no longer will allow me to use them even though I have all the required items. Must I re-buy the plan and retrain the blacksmith with the same plan?

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