Friday, March 8, 2013

Obtaining Damaged Armour and Repair it in RuneScape

Have you ever obtained damaged armour when playing in the game runescape? People who never got it are non-paid members in this game as it is an item just for members.

Damaged armour (also called broken armour) can be found in ogre coffins and be telegrabbed inside the Ranging Guild's archery competition spot. It also can be found by certain pick-pocketing monsters who digging at the digsite. However, players will not pick up runescape accounts for sale and some armours that are scattered throughout RuneScape in the form of scenery.

If your character is equipped with good armour when attacking enemies of a higher level, its higher defences can give the opponent less opportunity to do damage. Runescape offers several methods for players to obtain armours. Generally, if a player wants to use a convenient way to get it, he must purchases new armour from the Grand Exchange. This kind of armour is too powerful to costs you a lot of runescape gold with buying runescape accounts! There are other less costly procedures for obtaining armour, it includes forging using the Smithing skill and repairing damaged armour. Where to find these special items?

The Digsite is home to several "RuneScape" quests. After completing the Dig Site quest, players can return to the Digsite and find lots of items such as ore, coins, weapons and armour. Using the rock pick on a pile of soil, you will receive damaged armour.

Fishing Trawler is a minigame that requires players to have at least Level 15 Fishing. Once completed the task of the minigame, you can search damaged armour inside the nets along with saltwater fish, seaweed as rewards.

Pickpocketing is also a method to get damaged armour. You can obtain damaged armour from pickpocketing H. A. M. Guards in the H. A. M. Dungeon west of Lumbridge. There is the risk of failing to pickpocket the guard. You will receive 28 damages to characters’ life points.

Ogre Coffins is the last place to get damaged armour. During the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, you can unlock Jiggig, which is a former Ogre ritual site located south of Castle Wars. Damaged armour is just inside Jiggig.

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